Bouquet REST API

The Bouquet API is a new language to run analytical queries on your data.

Focus On Your Data, Not the Code

Tired of writing SQL code and Java classes to connect to your database? Bouquet lets any front-end developer query the data they need for their purpose: build a dashboard, a report, or a connector to third-party apps.

The Bouquet REST API is a new kind of analytics API. When you call an API endpoint, Bouquet will dynamically generate the SQL to compute the data inside the database. It returns a beautifully formatted JSON that you can easily use for your app.

Full Featured

Bouquet has been designed from the ground around the REST API concept. API is not a afterthought addition. As a consequence 100% of Bouquet features are available through the Bouquet REST API!
This includes:

  • Analytics API: running any query (not just pre-configured ones), running bookmarks, generating data-visualizations, browsing project content
  • Project API: creating Projects, viewing and editing meta-data, configuring project properties, indexing dimensions
  • Management API: managing cache, pre-fetching analysis, indexing dimension
  • Access Control API: defining user access rights, setting up Single Sign On, creating API keys

API Benefits

The Bouquet API is a RESTful API that supports advanced security features including:

  • single sign-on
  • authorizations at user level
  • data restrictions at data level for each dimension of your data.

As a result, with the Bouquet API the analytics in your apps will be:

  • faster to develop and test
  • more reliable
  • easier to scale and maintain
  • more interactive
  • reliably secure

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