Bouquet and Amazon Redshift

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With Bouquet built-in Redshift support deliver Analytics in no time!

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Bouquet + Redshift =


  • Bouquet has been designed to work best with massively parallel processing (MPP) share nothing databases like Redshift and others. Redshift stands apart because of its ease-of-use and its cost.
  • Bouquet In-Database analytics engine leverage Redshift computing power and Bouquet advanced cache management boost interactive queries performances.
  • Bouquet zero-commute feature allows you to get started in no time. Just connect to your Redshift instance, create a project and Bouquet will automatically populate a model to start exploring your data.
  • With Bouquet REST API effortlessly build customer-facing applications, control access through Single Sign On or API Key, integrate with your preferred dataviz library: D3.js, HighCharts and others.

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