Made for Developers

Bouquet provides a REST API designed for humans
easy to understand, explore, and integrate with your framework of choice.

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Bouquet Features

  • Interactive analysis includes pivot, filter, drill‑down, and drill‑thru.
  • Full REST API opening unprecedented integration capabilities.
  • Automatic metadata dictionary generation based on existing SQL schema.
  • Automatic SQL query generation optimized to perform.
  • Automatic search within dimensions and smart data caching.

Bouquet Cloud

  • Standard user authentication using OAuth2.0, ApiKey or Single Sign On.
  • Easy collaboration on metadata within your team of data analysts, data integrators, and developers.
  • Self‑governed, invitation-based access control on metadata and what data an app can access.

How It Works

On-Premise Bouquet

A complete open-core stack you can install on your infrastructure and connect to all your databases. Your data always stays on your control.

Bouquet Cloud

Cloud-based collaboration services for your analytics engineering team. Cloud-based Authentication for your apps.

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