Install Bouquet on AWS

Version 4.2.57

The table below shows the AMI IDs that you can freely launch from your AWS Console. Click the AMI ID to run the EC2 launch wizard.

us-east-1 (N. Virginia) ami-bc81dec7
us-west-2 (Oregon) ami-03ecf67a
ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) ami-22bfa041
ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) ami-f53bd993
eu-west-1 (Ireland) ami-80cf24f9

Instructions before launching your instance

  • Check the Security Group and add an HTTP rule. The Security Group of the instance accepts SSH and HTTP inbound flow.
  • Add a new storage /dev/sdb. This is where the Mongo database will be installed and will make upgrade possible without losing your projects.
  • Once youʼve launched your instance, just go to http://instance_public_ip and follow the instructions!
  • The base OS is Ubuntu Xenial (16.04). You can SSH to the instance using the Ubuntu login.

Check the following conditions

  • The instance has a public address.
  • Your instance can access your database (especially if itʼs hosted on a VPC private network).


  • Before launching the new instance create a snapshot of your additional storage (/dev/sdb) to save your Mongo database.
  • When installing the new instance, add this snapshot to your additional storage (/dev/sdb).