Bouquet API demos

We created a simple project using Amazon sample TICKIT database and saved a set of Bouquet Bookmarks to analyze sales and events.

Here you access our Bouquet demo server as a guest user without explicit authentication through an API-key. As a guest user you have restrictive access to team features like sharing, edition, creation.

A real time interactive D3.js US map that shows the number of events per state. Zero SQL code needed!

An area chart build with HighCharts.js showing the number of ticket sold by type of events.

An API quick integration with the VegaLite datavizualisaton library. Here a barchart to follow remaining tickets by event.

This is a Vega-Lite specification using the API to build a timeserie that shows the evolution of ticket selling in a year.

A very simple interactive table that shows a summary of ticket sold, regarding the event. Still no SQL needed.

The Open Bouquet in-database analytics engine generates dynamic SQL that you can easily reuse.

The API allows you to select exactly the content and format of the output, so you can integrate the result with minimal transformation.

The API also allows you to export a complete dataset in CSV or Excel format.