Connect and Analyze
Your Data Sources

Harness the power of Bouquetʼs SQL query engine.

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Your data is in a relational database or youʼve implemented SQL on top of Hadoop or Spark. Now you need to run queries and analyze the results.

Bouquet will help you in a number of ways.

It will dynamically generate even the most complex analytical queries in fractions of a second. Its powerful SQL query engine has proven to be fast, accurate and reliable over years of intense use on massive databases like the eBay datawarehouse (Teradata), ProQuest big data usage analytics platform (Amazon Redshift) and many others.

Check out our supported data sources to find yours, or contact us if you need a connector thatʼs not in the list below.

Bouquetʼs SQL query engine will:

  • Save you time by automatically generating complex queries including window functions.
  • Increase the reliability of your queries.
  • Increase the robustness of your queries.
  • Make your analytics interactive for your users.
  • Optimize the performance of your queries.
  • Dynamically adapt your queries to a physical datamodel that has changed.
  • Maintain a logical datamodel (or semantic layer) of your business logic in a collaborative environment.
  • Help you debug your queries.
  • Let you sharing your queries and edit them in a collaborative environment.

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