We are Bouquet

Our Principles

Over the years we've seen so many different use cases for analytics that, well, we think everyone can benefit from analytics as long as they're provided in the right way. And that's at the right place, at the right time, with just the right information: in a third-party application, in a portal, in a dataviz, in a table. We call this pervasive presence of analytics "pervasive analytics". In the near future we envision, we'll all benefit from that. Bouquet's role is to help it happen.

Who We Are

Our bunch has been sticking together for years in our mother company called Squid Solutions. Our team shares common experiences and a rich set of skills working for companies across the US, Europe, and Asia.

  • eBay
  • SFR (Telco)
  • Caisses dʼEpargne (Banking)
  • La Poste (Postal Services)
  • ProQuest (Online Content)

About Squid

At Squid Solutions, weʼve been doing data integration and business intelligence projects for years. We built our own in-database analytics technology serving Tier-1 customers. Weʼve developed an expertise on big data technologies, particularly massively-parallel processing (MPP) databases like Teradata, Greenplum, and Redshift. More recently, we specialized in serving the scholarly publishing market by providing turn-key solutions for usage analytics.

Executive Team

Adrien Schmidt


Engineer, passionate about startups, business development, and market disruptions.

Serge Fantino


Engineer, math, code, and design system architecture that scales.

Marios Anapliotis


Engineer, passionate about products, product marketing, and processes.

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