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Bouquet provides a free & open source framework for developers
to painlessly build customer-facing analytics apps.

    Build beautiful applications

  • As a developer, take advantage of OpenBouquet Analytics API and just focus on UX and visualizations with HighCharts, D3.js and others.
  • Bouquet supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) to plug into your existing portal and securely control user access to their own data.

    Create your own metrics

  • Connect directly to your SQL database to generate automatic meta-model, and define your custom business metrics and dimensions.
  • Bouquet dynamically generates SQL queries and manage data cache to optimize performance when your end-users interact with their analytics.

    Collaborate with developers, analysts and business users

  • Bouquet provides a collaborative space for developers, designers, analysts to easily work as a team.
  • Explore your data directly and create and share bookmarks to simply integrate analysis in your application.

How Bouquet Fits In

“The team was able to iterate the design based on user validation, and the intent was faithfully rendered.”

Christian E.

“I shared API end points with our developer to speed up the iterations and get results fast.”

Camille D.

“It was easy for me to take the API endpoints and adapt the JSON to Highcharts, and then invite the team to collaborate.”

Katerina B.
Front-End Developer

“Bouquet helped us develop the app much faster and made it so much easier to maintain.”

Richard B.
VP of Engineering

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 See Bouquet Demo