Bouquet Server

The smart analytics engine that powers the Bouquet Personal Analytics Assistant

Queries are a pain in the neck because of SQL coding, complexity, robustness, security, access control, privacy, maintenance, performance, scalability. Bouquet Server is an API-based analytics platform that the Personal Analytics Assistant uses to build, secure queries and run them at scale.


Save on time to market

Get a bunch of features out-of-the-box to avoid engineering stuff and go to market faster.

Save on devops

Securely onboard users at scale in a high performance environment.

Build cooler stuff

With query issues out of the way, be creative and amaze your users.

Check out the Bouquet Query API

Connect Bouquet to your databases and integrate with : interactive chatbots, data pipelines for machine learning, notification services for recommendations and alerting, beautiful charting tools like D3js and Highcharts, third party applications and frameworks.


This short script aims at showing the basics of Bouquet API using our tiny Javascript client.

What's in here?

When run, this script

  1. Authenticates to our Bouquet demo server using a scoped "guest" APIKey
  2. Queries the sample "Tickit" data-set showing 3 different output types of the same analysis
    • SQL view that gives the SQL query generated by our in-database engine
    • JSON view that gives the raw results of the query as a JSON object
    • Chart view that displays results of the query as a Chart

Going further

For the sake of simplicity, only Bouquet relevant code is shown here. To view the full version, check it here.

To learn more about Bouquet check the API documentation and give Bouquet a try!

run info

var query = {
    path : "/analytics/@'5899bc6715abcc6bed69d766'.@bookmark:'58a5dc6b45d778b2bdb231c9'/query",
    data : {
        timeframe: ["2008-01-01","2008-12-31"],
          "to_date(__PERIOD) as 'period'",
          "'Event >  Category >  Catname' as 'series'"
          "'Total quantity sold'"
        limit: 1000

var bouquetAPI = new Bouquet({
    url : '//',
    clientId : 'api-key-client',
    apiKey : 'eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1...ytR68CGURskRM2D0VPQ'

// API Request 1 - SQL
bouquetAPI.request(query, {data : 'SQL'}).then(function(response) {

// API Request 2 - JSON
bouquetAPI.request(query).then(function(response) {

// API Request 3 - Chart
bouquetAPI.request(query, {envelope : 'data',data : 'RECORDS'}).then(function(response) {
API Request 1 SQL
API Request 2 JSON
API Request 3 Chart

Made for developers

Query building

Build the most complex queries in a graphical way, without writing SQL code.


Use simple Java and JS libraries to speed up integration with any environment.


Configure SSO and user-level data restrictions to automatically onboard your users.


Run at scale using advanced cache management and high-availability deployment

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