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With OpenBouquet you donʼt pay for data connections, data volumes, or number of apps.

You only pay for the Bouquet Cloud services when collaborating in a project team to share metadata.

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Download OpenBouquet and build your own analytics. Youʼll find support on our Download page, or contact us: our internal business analysts provide free assistance to model your data!


Donʼt have developer time for an analytics app? We can do it for you! Tell us more about your project, the data connection you need, and the data visualization framework you want to use. Contact us about your project.


Want to become a partner? Weʼll give you special training and support. Our internal business analysts will help you model the data. Get in touch now at!


Bouquet Cloud

Free Features

Interactive Analysis (pivot, filter, drill-down, drill-thru)
Secure REST API with Auth0 and SSO
Automatic Metadata Dictionary
Automatic Search Within Dimensions
Automated Smart Data Caching

PRO Subscription

Share Project Metadata
Online Collaborative Editing

For Single Sign-On (SSO) please Contact us.