Build Analytics
Into Every Application

Bouquet is an open-source developer toolkit to rapidly embed analytics into your apps.

Use the Bouquet API for free and pay only when you activate team collaboration. Learn More »

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User-Facing Analytics

Build a beautiful, interactive, feature‑rich analytics portal for your users.

Integrate the Bouquet API with the front-end framework of your choice. Sophisticated analytics can now be added to your portal by any web developer, saving precious engineering time while delivering a reliable result.

Embedded Analytics

Embed reliable, robust, scalable analytics into your product.

You need to build analytics into your product but youʼre relunctant to allocate core engineering resources to the project. And you donʼt want to lock yourself in with a vendor whose costs will increase as you grow your user base. Benefit from the Bouquet OSS license to embed the analytic features you need with zero-license cost.

Some of Our Clients

“We wanted Usage Analytics at the center of our business, and thatʼs what we got from using AWS Redshift with Bouquet.”

Rajan Odayar
VP, Head of Global Enterprise Management Solutions Proquest

“It was so easy for me to get used to the Bouquet API. Any front-end developer can use it in minutes. Integration with D3 and Highcharts was fast and easy.”

Katerina Boura
Front-End Developer

“Bouquet disrupts the way we deliver analytics on top of Redshift, PostgreSQL, and Spark. It cuts the implementation cost and time to 1/10th.”

Richard Brown
VP of Engineering ATC

 What You Get

Analytics REST API

Our API is designed for developers to embed powerful analytics into apps using only front-end code. Simply use API endpoints to retrieve the resuts of your analytical queries.

In-Database Analytics Query Engine

OB generates optimized SQL queries to compute analytics without extracting any data. This removes the need to license, install, and maintain an analytics server.

Collaborative Metadata Modeling

OB provides a powerful metadata modeling tool that adapts to your existing datamodel. Other analytics tools require a specific datamodel and data transformations.

Automatic SQL Generation

OB generates optimized SQL queries using sophisticated mathematics on the relational algebra. It provides the full power of SQL, the most efficient language for analytics.


Control the User Experience

Build the analytics exactly how your users need them: simple and elegant. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keep Your Data and Users Inside Your Secure Environment

Donʼt move data to cloud solutions out of your control. Stay in command over user authorization close to your database, inside your trusted premises.

Donʼt Pay for Licenses and Storage

Bouquet is based on our open-source analytics engine and uses in-database technology in the most optimum way.

Simple to Use and Free from Vendor Lock‑In

Bouquet API is simple to understand by humans with zero proprietary logic in the design of our API.

Minimize Time, Resources, and Skills Required

By using Bouquet our customers have built analytics into their apps in a fraction of time and budget without needing full-stack senior engineers.