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Open source analytics toolbox for Citizen Data Scientists.

Analyze your data without writing a line of SQL.

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Open source and elegant analytics toolbox

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Explore and vizualize your data has never been so easy. Connect to your existing datasource and get started right away.

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Set up a new cluster in the cloud or boost your current infrastructure. Get the analytics you need without waiting.

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Create your own analytic applications on top of a simple and robust framework with ease. You’re in control!

What is Bouquet?

Bouquet is an open source toolbox to explore, share and connect your data to applications and visualizations.

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Connect your data warehouses with a click

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Zero Commute.
Zero Duplication.

Bouquet connects to any relational databases, included the latest generation of SQL engines. No complex configuration is required, bouquet uses your existing datasource to avoid commutes and duplications.

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Enterprise friendly

All the features to integrate with your business.

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OAuth2 and SSO authentication
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Multi-tenant support
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Advanced control access management
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MetaData & Data level access control
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Scalable micro-service architecture
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Fast Analytics

Try Bouquet and analyse data in seconds.